Référence de EDVariables
Provider Field
Référence de EDVariablesEDVVariableList..::..JSObjectOptionsProvider
Formatage de la valeur des variables
== (empty) : returns variable.Valueis Object[] : TODO one item per variableis JSObject : TODO one item per variableis JScript.ScriptFunction : JScript where this is the current variable. No arguments, function is formated with .{Library}.EDV.Type.Function.edvis IVariable : IVariable.Where(edvSender, options.Client, options.Arguments)is String : value.ToString(pattern) argumentis String : TODO String.Format(pattern, value, domain, shortName, name) pattern argument== ":Value" (default) : returns variable.Value== ":Object" : returns the variable object== ":Where" : returns variable.Where(options.Client, options.Arguments). Attention to stack over flow Exception !
Declaration Syntax
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public Object Provider
Public Provider As Object
public var Provider : Object

Assembly: EDVInterfaces (Module: EDVInterfaces) Version: (